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You might be a Cobra addict if...............

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You might be a Cobra addict if ....

-every household purchase you make, you relate it to how many Cobra performance parts you could purchase.

-you name the family dog Snake.

-your cobra runs like a top, but the wife's car hasn't had a new set of spark plugs in 100,000 miles.
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Well, I'm safe. I don't have a dog and the wife only has 83,000 miles on her spark plugs.
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-you can't understand why so many guys are interested in a silly game like golf.

-your wife paints the wrought iron patio furniture with Por 15.

-you think Auto cross should be an olympic event.
- you name a product at your company PG-427 (PG = initials of a buddy, and you know the 427 part) True story, sold around $8 million worth :eek:
---you think your dog's butt looks like the back of a Cobra.
-you can strip and rewire a donor harness in a weekend, but your eyes glaze over when you try to hook up the new DVD player.
two dogs, shelby, and paxton.. Wifes nickname from her father , Bullet....
Hey Tim,

How's my cars sister doing?

Glad to see you post this.

If you can't wait to go to Walmart to look through all the cars in the toy section searching for a Cobra! Just did the local Walmart with my son today and didn't locate the first Cobra! (Matchbox to diecast cars.) We did locate a really nice set of Matchbox cars with a '63 Split window, '65 Coupe, '70 Coupe and '98 Convertible Corvettes.

FFR 2335
- if you see part of a cobra in everything, even your dog's butt.

---you think your dog's butt looks like the back of a Cobra.
- AJ

What? You look at your dog's butt to much.

[ August 28, 2002, 09:36 PM: Message edited by: Shaun Hinds ]
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2336 is doin fine and is hoping for a family reunion with 2335 soon. How bout it, you can swing a trip to sunny Florida can't ya?
I don't know about your dogs but my dog's butt really does look like the back of a cobra. Just when she's running real fast not the rest of the time. I'd change her name from Bentley to Shelby but I'm afraid of the law suit potential from old Carol.
Every mustang I see I refer to it as a donor are they good for anything else ?
When you look at a 5.0 and, no matter how nice a Mustang it is, you know that you could strip it down in a matter of hours.
Man, I really gotta see this. Come'ere girl! LOL
If your not done with your Cobra build, but you wanna take advantage of the $14,900 price on the Daytona Coupe. That's sick!!
Now all this time I thought my dogs butt looked like 'ol shel. Might have to reconsider that one.
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.....If you have custom made PJ's with Cobra paraphernalia on them. :D
.....If you sleeping in your Cobra in the garage hoping you'll dream of the next time you'll be driving.
.....If you tell your wife you wished her butt was as perky as your Cobra. :eek:
If so many of you have dogs with butts that look like the rear of a Cobra I suggest you mask off the dog and paint a stripe on it's back. :D
I give up. I just don't see it.

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-your wedding anniversary falls on the same weekend of the big autocross meet, and you actually think about your choices.

-you complain about the cost of your kids back to school supplies, but you can walk out of the auto parts store with hundreds of dollars of performance parts.

-you install coil overs on your lawn tractor.
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