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I know many of you heard rumors that the DV car family was invited to Michigan, May 14/16th to compete in Car & Drivers annual Decathalon. The fastest, "true" street cars in America.
Well, it's true. A life long dream for me.

I must tell you when we were contacted April 2nd by Larry Webster of Car & Driver I was quite taken back. (Had he called the day before, April 1st. I probably would have hung up on him!)

This years competitors are a "who's who" of custom and fast cars;
Linkafeltor, Hennessey, TNT Vipers, Mallott, McClaren, etc. I think the total cars competeing are around 15.

We of course accepted their offer to attend. New racing suits had to be ordered, seat belts updated, geezz, even my helmet was to old! New tires from Tire rack had to be ordered. I don't even have 20 miles on the new re build on my DV!

For three days it was utter bliss and chaos at the same time. Hey, I had nothing better to do with my spare time, between now and the fling!

I assure you the latest and newest DV II was being prepped the same way. New pads, cooling system installed for the brakes, different gears, etc. etc.

Now a quick side note:

Motorola / Dodge Division, maker of the PCM's for the Vipers also called me last week. Seems they have sent out the wrong PCM with every crate motor sold! We always suspected the DV II may not be as quick in the 1/8 th. as the DV. We just wrote it off to the massive throttle body's, cam, etc. Taking just a little longer to get into the power band. As awesome as the DV II runs, it's been running on a V-10 TRUCK PCM ! Expected true horsepower gains are in the 40 to 80 hp range and the torque should easily go another 100 ft. lbs!

Wow, everything is / was looking fantastic.

Then the 3rd phone call came in. Nick, the owner of the DV II called with some very disheartening news. I can't and wont go into it, everyone and everything is fine, but it will be impossible for him to attend, thus nixing our chances of competeing.

For those that called and or wrote, thank you for your support. It means a lot! In fact, just getting asked to the big dance means a lot to a little guy like myself. Maybe we can make it next year...if asked.


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Congratulations. You should be very proud. Period. If it wasn't for the fact that life is filled with curves and surprises, it wouldn't be half as interesting, now would it? Everyone who knows you or who really knows cars and has seen your DV creations can appreciate that your cars go far beyond just bolting a bunch of fancy parts onto a purchased frame. You say you were surprised to be asked to compete with these other icons of 20th century automotive engineering. But I doubt any of us who know you are surprised. Maybe it's because you do this all day every day. Maybe it's because you're such a humble man. Maybe it's because you're just a guy who loves these cars
. Well, whatever the reason is that you were surprised, now I hope you know that when you unveil one of your engineering marvels like DV or DVII and everyone who sees it for the first time and looks like this: :eek: isn't just kidding around. Ed, you're an innovator and that's rare these days. Ed, you're a very gifted designer too. Finally, Ed, you're a hell of a nice guy. And that attribute alone makes me proud to know you!

So, no, I'm not surprised that you were asked to compete with the likes of the people you mentioned. And I'm sure no one here is surprised that your car would be considered among the top 15 street cars in the US. Rather, I'm personally delighted that your work (and that of your close friends who helped) is getting the recognition it deserves. Dare I say only a few people in this country would attempt--and fewer could accomplish--what you have done. And out of that handful, I doubt that few would take the time to share as much of that information with our community as you have Ed. And to do so while helping so many others, including the charities!

So thank you for sharing this post with us. Again, I am so proud of you and I'm proud to know you. Integrity, talent, perseverance and imagination; these are the reasons you got that phone call Ed. And it was well deserved my friend...


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