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For those of you who didn't get the e-mail or missed the last one due to travel...
Friday - meet between 7 & 8pm at the AAA office lot on the East Side of Woodward, a couple of blocks South of Maple (or 15 Mile Rd) BE AWARE:
Woodward is CROWDED - IT WILL TAKE YOU TIME TO GET THERE! It was traffic jam city tonight (Thursday). Last year the AAA lot was chained to keep out early Saturday campers. It will probably be this year too! We'll just park on the sidestreet and in the gas station lot next door (like we did last year). WE HAVE RESERVATIONS FOR DINNER @ 8:30pm at the Moose Preserve, East side of Woodward, Just North of Square Lake Road. We will CARAVAN there around 8:15 or so... Reservations are for the "Cobra Club" (FFROG-SEMR) under my name, "Greg". We have reservations for 20 but I told her it could be anywhere from 10 to 30. Hope to see you all there.
SATURDAY - if you still haven't sercured a spot....the Great Lakes Cobra Club may be able to accomodate a few more. We will be on Hazel Street, the WEST side of Woodward, three (3) blocks South of Maple (15 mile rd). If you show up around 8:30 am they expect to know by 9 if you can fit in (there are usually some no shows and last minute cancellations - there may also be an opportunity to capture a few more spots on the Old Woodward entrance to Hazel.
See ya, Greg
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