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What's the best way to wire after-market guages? I have Autometer Phantoms. Should I get a Mustang dash pod and just wire guages from there or do I cut the Instrument Cluster connector and wire from there?

Any help appreciated...


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Send your harness to Rob Weatherbie of Speed & Assembly (speedyasscars.com). When you get it back, it will be simple.

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As long as you still have the plugs on the dash harness and an intact guage pod it is very easy. I could have you send it to us but that's a lot of trouble for 20 min. of work.

Red/yellow = 12volts to the gauges
Black = ground
Red/white = temp sender
White/red = oil sender
Green/yellow or tan/yellow
= tach sender
Yellow/white = fuel sender

Brown from the headlight switch for dash lights.

The circuit board on the pod is an easy road map to the gauges if you get confused.

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