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Well I finally got the car up on jack stands to do my yearly cobra exam.
1) Cleaned complete bottom of the car
2) Last summer I had driveline binding when I went over hard bumps. Fixed it(I hope) by spacing transmission mount up 1/2".
3) With the rear axel hanging I also had binding. Fixed that by shortening the rear axel strap.
4) Passenger exhaust hanger broken needs to be welded,
5) Changed oil and filter.
6) flushed radiator and refilled.
7) Noticed passenger front tire wore to the cord on the inside? New tire and alignment coming up.
8) Next, remove all wheels and check brakes / bearings.
9) Hopefully I can (with help from Tom) create auger style mufflers.
10) Remove valve covers and adjust valves-polish covers.

At least I have a good start----Don

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Hey Don N.
Maybe ck-out James' thread a couple of treads ago? Some of us listed "Winter to do" list there.

I'm well on my way getting things done over "Winter Break" instead of waiting till early spring!:001_smile:
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