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i was planning on putting the old mustang switches back in due to me not understanding how things work in the electrical system. it is not something that i want to do. i have worked to hard on this car to cut corners now. i have studied the wiring diagrams and read alot on the forum and think i have come up with a plan i can handle. could some check over this plan and tell me if it would work this wiring harness is from a 1988 mustang

head lights
bought a head light switch from factory five. run power to switch and then wires out to parking lights and head lights. the head light out wire will go to the high/low beam switch

high/low beam
bought a high/ low beam switch from finish line that is on/on. power in from the head light switch (head light terminal) lg/blk low beams & r/blk high beams

turn signals
install new flasher from factory five. bought switch from finish line that is made for the turn signal switch. says it is heavy duty with on/off/on. going to run 2 green turn signal lights on dash. pull power from o/y, send out for left side lg/w & lg/o and right side o/lb & w/lb. not sure if power comes from flasher or goes to flasher from switch?


not sure if this will work
some where in turn signal line ( not sure where to put this) put a STDP switch that will power all turn signal lines. must recieve power from the battery. when this switch is flipped it will send power through the flasher and out to the lights.

will this work or will it burn up. the hazzards is the system i am not to sure about and can i eleminate the mustang dimmer switch.

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You've got the colors reversed for the high and low beams. LG/BK is high beams and R/BK is low beams. If you are going to use two t/s indicators on the dash, just use a stock Mustang (2 prong) t/s flasher. Turn signal circuit power flows from the fuse, to the flasher, then through the hazard switch, then to the t/s switch.
For the hazards: At the donor hazard switch connector, splice the LB and the O/Y wires together. These are part of the t/s circuit. The reason Ford ran the t/s circuit runs through the hazard switch is so that the t/s and the hazards can't both be on at the same time. Turning on the hazards, disconnects the turn signals. Run the W/R wire at the hazard switch connector to both input terminals on your DPST switch, On one output terminal put the W/LB & the O/LB wires. On the other output terminal attach the LG/O & the LG/W wires. The Mustang hazard switch is basically a 3PDT switch. I replaced it with a 3PDT relay. The relay can be controlled by any simple SPST switch. Here's the diagram of my set-up: http://www.ffrcobra.com/pab/Hazard%20Relay.gif
What dimmer switch are you wanting to eliminate?

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