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Will the 3-link work with a narrowed rear end?

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I have been considering changing my wheel choice to the 17" pin drive off-set black center wheels for my cobra. I know that the wheel will fit with a narrowed rear( ala Len's Hula Girl.), but I wan't to gain the handling and traction benefits from the 3 link. Anyone done this?
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Looking at my 3-link right now, I'd say no. The axle mount brackets are 1/2" away from my 18 wheels, so the brackets would need to be moved inwards 2" each. That will cause a conflict on the left side between the axle bracket and the 3-link frame where the panhard bar mounts. There's only 1/8" in stock configuration. There's room in the 3-link frame design to shorten it 2", but then you'd need a shorter panhard bar. Way too much work unless you really like welding upside down.
OOPS...David, you got me. I neglected to consider that his wheel offset would change, since that's the point of the excercise. Please move my post to a thread entitled "The Mind Is The First Thing To Go"...
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