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Will the 3-link work with a narrowed rear end?

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I have been considering changing my wheel choice to the 17" pin drive off-set black center wheels for my cobra. I know that the wheel will fit with a narrowed rear( ala Len's Hula Girl.), but I wan't to gain the handling and traction benefits from the 3 link. Anyone done this?
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As long as the offset of your new wheels puts your wheel in the same location as the old wheels, you should be fine.

When you narrow a rear end, you do so on the outside, so you dont affect any of the suspension mounting points. Also, narrowing the rear end does not change the width of the wheel, or anything else except your offset.(with the exception of the quad shock brackets you wont need with the 3 link)

If by change you were off a little, it would not be too difficult to have the axle mount panhard bracket modified to provide more clearance.


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