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I want Facts not speculation, people with miles on both systems, or people who have changed and found a benefit on either system. If you are still building and did either, great but not really what I need to know.
(sorry for speculating)
I would like to comment on this, I do not have my GTM running.
I have experience with systems that use a remote surge tank from 2 different cars other than the GTM.

If we believe that water circulates, the exchange of cold and hot water under it's own power.

The surge tank up front is lower than the heads on the motor.
When the system is full, no air pockets, no problems.
When the water pump is pumping, no problems.

I believe the only time anyone would have a problem with the tank up front is when they finnaly got some air in the system and it was drove hard and then shut off. At that point the water will no longer circulate threw the heads. The air pockets will settle at the highest point, the heads. The over heating will only happen when the car has been shut down.

Wether it works while driving or not, the colling system needs to have a spot that is higher than the motor, so the heads have water after the motor is shut off.

This really is not speculation, this is a must for any car manufacture. Sart looking at any and all cars, pop the hood. If you see a remote surge tank, it is only because the top of the radiator is lower than the top of the motor. If you don't see one you will notice that the radiator is higher than the top of the motor. They would not go threw the extra expense of adding a remote tank unless it's needed.

So ya, I just spit out alot for not being a engenier, or a designer. I am not against being proven wrong.


Shh, listen, here comes Crash :)
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