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I have a gen1 Coyote with Spectre intake. Pretty standard stuff. My Roadster has been on the road for a bit over 12 months and 4,000kms. It runs well, but I feel engine response at idle and through to ~2,000RPM could be improved. I am beginning the process of getting a Lund tune and have ordered the ngauge and a tune ($1,400 Australian!). As expected from other forum users experience, Lund have been great to deal with. However, Jon Lund said they havent done one of the gen1 tunes for a long time and therefore they had dropped off their radar somewhat. I was hoping that someone on the forum that has had a successful tune with a gen1 + Spectre intake might be able to share their name / reference number for the job done by Lund. I could then pass this reference onto Lund in order to give them a good starting point for supplying an initial tune for my engine.

Would be great if someone could PM me.

Many thanks,

Nigel in South Oz.
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