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Who else has done something stupid???

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While showing my boys the other day how the lights worked, they started asking me to do a burnout. So, after refusing for a little while, I finally relented and told them I would. The boys(ages 12, 9, and 5) started jumping up and down with excitement. So, being the good dad, :D :D :D I fired the car up, warmed it up good, and proceeded to do a good burnout in my garage. Unknowing to me, my taillight assemblys fell out when I did this, so when I backed it up I ran over them and crushed 'em. Am I a dumb [email protected]#t or what??? Anybody else done something stupid like this? IT WAS STILL WORTH IT JUST TO SEE THE SMILES ON THEIR FACES!!!
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Stupid..... That’s my middle name.... Was so excited about my new T-5 I dragged the dam thing right over my big toe.... Took the nail right off.... Ouch...

Kind of like getting a MAP gas torch after finishing stripping down my donor parts.... Or installing my rear-end only to say, ya I am gunna pull it to change the gears later (lost a month of good driving weather this summer)....
This list would never end if I liked typing....
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