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Which style of steering wheel center was used on the original cars?
I am assuming that the answer is both styles were used on different types of Cobra’s, but I am not sure of any details. I have received the “AC” style center as a X-mas gift, however, I had thought about using the Cobra design instead.


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I just flipped through a book I have that has all "original" Cobras in it. I would say that it looked like 60% of the pictures had an AC center and 40% had the "Cobra" center. So both were used. Looks like the older ones 260's and 289's and early 427's said "AC" and the newer ones had "Cobra". If you have "AC" pedals seems the "AC" center would be a nice touch. Everybody seems to use the Cobra center, the AC would make yours stand out a little more, plus you already have it. Just my .02 worth. Take care,

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It really comes down to what you want.

If it is a "replica" then either the "AC" or the "Cobra" are fine.

Farra Snook uses the AC on his show cars:

SOFAST Racing Spec Racer at Vegas

3850 had a "Cobra" one as I wanted a "period correct" dashboard.

3850 Dash, pre-Vegas

However, after due consideration, prior to Vegas, switched 3850 to the F5 logo billet polished Aluminum center cap, like this one:

Sample car at Prodigy Design

My personal logic was that the right to use the "Cobra" word was won in court by Mr. Shelby, so that's his thing.

We build FFR's and that's our thing. To each his own.

At least the Vegas judges agreed, awarded 3850 3rd best interior with the F5 logo billet center cap!
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