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Luis I went through this a few weeks ago. You need to tighten down the fulcrum bolt until the pushrod just starts to bind when you roll it through your fingers. Then you want to have 1/4 to 3/4 turn of the bolt more until you achieve your needed torque. For shims each .030 shim equals about 1/4 to 1/3 turn.

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Just finished my Ford Racing roller rocker set up.
Used a mix of .030 and .060 shims obtained from JEGS...cost 10.99 a pack (used most of one pack).
Each rocker must be done individually...some will take 3 shims , some one....
Be prepared to take some time doing this...each cylinder must be at TDC firing position...you can tell by the position of the lifters (lowest point), and put your thumb over the spark plug hole right after the intake begins to open, as you or a helper turns the shaft...your thumb is forced off the hole on compression , and stops at TDC...that's the set-up position for both intake and exhaust...you may have to do this a couple of times adding shims before you get it right...the push-rod needs to roll freely between your fingers, but not sloppy. Initial light tightening
with allen wrench...when resistance is first felt, that is "zero lash"...check the push rods at that point...if they are too tight , you need more shim...use smallest shim possible. After zero lash , than tighten with torque wrench to 12 to 15lbs.
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