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Which adhesive to bond hinge to hood??

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I need advice regarding which adhesive
and/or system is best to bond ffr hinge to hood. I'd rather not rivet. Any help will be appreciated.
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I can see your new! Welcome aboard!! If you do a search you will find a TON of great information... This site rocks... Make sure you visit the FAQ section at the top of the page... Welcome!

PS heres some info!



I personally use 3mblister repair filler. it is also an exceptional bonding agent for steel to vinylester or fiberglass. some also use West system epoxy. I wouldn't stray far from the two. cheers, SRP
I recommend Marine-Tex. Easy to mix and will give you plenty of time to adjust and line things up the way you like. Just grind the surface with 60 grit and clean. Once dry it not going to come loose. The shear strengh 1800lbs!!! If you prep right, It ain't going no where!
I followed SRP's Advice and went with the 3-m products followed with tap vinylester glass and resin.. works like a charm and was easy for this rookie to complete the task.. also used what I had left over to make up side bolt elimination plates. 4 pieces of flat stock with a few studs welded on bonded to the frame eliminates the bolts near the side pipes!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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