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It's probably a standard 30 amp auxilary relay commonly used on electric fans, horns, fog lights, and when adding an electric fuel pump.
There are two basic configurations 4 spade and 5 spade. either will work depending on your wiring harness, try these part numbers the next time you are at the Auto parts store:
DF005 or 20-3529-8 (look in lighting accesories)
AL5004 (RL35301) NIEHOFF
Sorry I don't have a part number for the 4 spade, but you should be able to find it easy enough once you show the parts person the relay.
If you ask for a relay because you want to add FOG lights to a car a good counter-person will get you the correct relay.
Also, a 'real' parts store will be able to cross reference the numbers on your old relay.
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