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I dunno about the best way, just the way I did it:

  • Floor</font>
  • Rear Deck</font>
  • Rear Deck sides</font>
  • under dash wrap-around/footboxes piece</font>
  • driver's foot box floor</font>
  • driver's footbox walls</font>
  • passenger's foot box walls</font>
  • transmission tunnel piece</font>
  • below door's sections</font>

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The only pieces I glued were the rear bulkhead (3 pieces) & the pieces under each door.

The other carpet I took to an upolsterer and had him trim the edges in vinyl to look like carpet in the old English cars. I also had him sew "Thermo Tec" insulating blanket on the back of the firewall piece. I used short screws with trim washers to fasten the carpet (you don't need many). You just have to be careful of your wiring so you don't put a screw though it.

1) The glued pieces

2) Firewall and foot box side pieces

3) Trans tunnel

4) Driver & Passenger floor - I don't have a dropped footbox so these are just laid in and the seats hold them in place. With a dropped footbox you would have to fasten the drivers side at the front.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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