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Originally posted by Doug Dunkerley:
Looking for new spark plugs. Anyone have any "HOT" recommendations. I'm running 24lb, 70mm TB, 75MM pro-m, e303 cam, crane 1.7, and underdrive pullies
I've had good luck with the Accel plugs - which I think are re-labeled NGK's. Avoid the Bosh Platinum's - my 5.0 didn't like them at all. From my experience, 5.0's with stock rings tend to get a decent amount of oil up into the combustion chamber, so you want a plug with lots of surface area and replace them regularly. I tend to do them every 15,000 miles, and every time it runs better. It likes a fresh cap and rotor every other time too. I have had good luck with the Accel parts here as well.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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