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Good day Gordon. I'm a happy owner of a set of your Koni shocks on my Coupe built primarily for track events. I have 11,000 miles and 4 or 5 years of 8 or so track events a year. At the start of each season and along the way I look hard at all the bits to make sure things are all good.

I plan on taking them out and apart and giving each bit a particularly close cleaning and look. If there are no leaks and all else looks good is there any other steps I should take for this this for fun car?

And a car with this many miles, stored with Sta-Bil each winter to you suggest any injector service beyond a can of cleaner (Recommendations welcome).

While I'm asking... I have two seasons on a set of your calipers. In the absence of leaks at what point should I do some service on them with track days in mind?

If there is no perceived slack in the u-joints are they good to continue with (I'm not given to burnouts)?


Brian Palmer
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