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What is this?

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What is that plug or bung on the side of the basepan for? Not the drain plugs, my basepan has two drain plugs.
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I thought that was the oil temp sender, but I never really paid any attention. Well it is now on mine.

I took it out, drilled the old sensor out, tapped it w/ a 3/8" NPT tap and put my Smith Oil Temp Sender there.

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Yeah, I got him. He's great. I've got him hanging on the garage wall for now, watching over the car.

I'm thinking he'd go good at the back of the tranny tunel were it goes up at about a 45deg angle.

BTW, what are you planning on plugging the pan with? If you know the threads of the pan I'd like to know, but I guess you could just plug the bung that taped w/ a 3/8 NPT plug.


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