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You’ll need your required safety gear including helmet, driver’s suit, gloves, nomex socks, arm restraints, and driver’s shoes. There are variety of places to purchase these including popular sources such as Racer Wholesale (www.racerwholesale.com) or CDOC (www.cdoc.com).

When you get started you won’t need much in the way of tools or equipment. You will probably want to buy a spare set of wheels and put rain tires on them. The FFR spec racing community will typically loan you tools and even a spare race wheel if you need it for the weekend.

You probably will want to have a lightweight race jack. (Harbor Freight (www.harborfreight.com) has them for $69-99 depending on model.) You’ll also need rags, spare brake pads, gas jugs, oil, power steering fluid (if applicable), WD-40, brake fluid, a funnel, and glass cleaner for your car and helmet.

Don’t forget that the car needs a transponder. NASA usually has transponders you can borrow, but it is easier just to get one hard-wired for the car.

The FFR challenge cars can be street legal, but you probably won’t drive them to the track. You’ll want a tow vehicle and trailer. Most people have single car enclosed trailers, but others have open car trailers. At the track both trailers are fine, but the enclosed trailer provides more security and you can leave it out overnight more easily. Just to be clear when it comes to driving on the street: these are race cars and they aren't going to be very comfortable on the street, but it greatly simplifies testing and taking the car to get parts.

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