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Mark Weber talked to the Knott's show coordinators about reserving a block of 30-40 spaces for the show. The new FFR club (name to be decided) will pay for the space fee (about $30) and all participants get a free t-shirt and FFR windshield decal. I need a list of people who will be bringing their cars to the show. Just email [email protected] .

I just need a list so that I can reserve the right number of spaces.



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giving this post a bump to the top of the list.......we won't be going to Knotts this year but I know quite a few were.......

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The ansewr to your question is yes we will meet up. The time and location need to be determined. If we go according to last years drive we should be leaving the Phoenix area about 9am on Friday.

I need to get my map out to figure the rest.

Email me your number and I'll call you as time nears.


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Hey Bill,

I'm already signed up and paid. If we all get asigned together that would be great. Last year we were scrambled.

I'll take the Tee-shirt and decal, however give my $30 to the Team Jenny Foundation.

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