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I want to thank Eric for volunteering to take on the role of webmaster.

I will manage the gallery while Eric focuses on the website.

2 website things are needed:

1) The information on the current website needs to be updated:
Webmaster contact on front page.
Members List corrected
Contact list to include all officiers

2) There are things we don't like about the layout of the site
Some of the drop down lists interfere with browsing
Top Banner takes up too much room
Banner could be improved with scrolling pictures
Left Frame and others (Please reply to add to the "don't" likes if you want them to be noted here)

To dos list:
Eric - Update as set forth in "1)" Let us know when to check it out.
Explore new site designs and layouts that will knock everyone's socks off.

Committee: Support Eric in his efforts.

Gallery To Dos;
Monitor for spam. Created a new group and put all CC members in as "members". Any new registered folks are in the group "registered" They can post pics but no comments. I am notified by email when people register and will move newly registered CC members to "members" where they have rights to post, comment, etc
Archive past years photos >> the current software doesn't allow annual archive of members photos only the group photos. This is done.
Create Spot for Event specific photos: This is done in a new group catagory. The event albums have to be created for each event by an administrator. A placeholder album is already there. The name can be changed to reflect the event if no event album existed.
Upgrade to new Coppermine scripts. - Nothing yet

Click here to go to gallery and see what's been done.
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