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Advanced forecast for the Tulsa area is highs in the mid to upper 70's all next week with no mention of rain!! HOORAY!! Typical Oklahoma fall weather!

So if for some reason any of you decide to come to our little event we call RUN N GUN; we would love to have you. If you could please let me know by Thursday morning so I can add you to our banquet order. I am required to advance pay for our banquet.. That is not to say that if you show up on Friday morning at registration you will not be able to join us for our banquet Saturday night....it would just make the caterers life a little easier.

Join us if you can next Friday - Sunday October 19-21 at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit just outside of Tulsa. This is the best event for anyone that has always wanted to put their cars on the track. You will be matched with other drivers with like experience in run groups of 10 or less. Transponders will be provided for those that do not have their own. Registration includes three full days of competitive track events, t-shirt, Loaner Timing transponder, Race Port, Saturday night banquet catered by the DoubleTree Hotel in South Tulsa, and the opportunity to take home some pretty nice trophy's.

Just to remind everyone this is our 25th anneversary and this is probably one of the safest events you could ever want to attend. Email me at [email protected] or call me at 918-633-5336 if you have any questions. Plan on having the time of your life!! For specific event information go to our web site: runngun.us

Free admission for all spectators and complimentary rides during parade laps at noon.

Thank you,

Clois Harlan
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