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I bought mine from Car Cover World out of Dover, Delaware. They have a specific classification “FFR Cobra Store” in the left margin of their web page.

The cover fits the car perfectly. They have a lot of different fabrics to choose from. I bought the Weathershield HP in bright blue because it’s advertised to be very compact and it is! Bright blue because my other wanted it that way. It only takes up part (1/3) of my lower trunk compartment. This cover is not lined with a soft fabric; it looks more like a medium weight nylon fabric, I guess that’s the trade-off for a compact light weight cover. It is very nicely made and it does fit the car like a glove. It seems to protect the car from rain; the car was in the hotel lot at the London show, there was a pretty good rain shower overnight and the car was dry in the morning. Not inexpensive at around $350 with shipping but I did go for optional color and I am glad I was Pushed in that direction…it does look nicer than the plain gray.

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