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Wayne's car in Houston!

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Here are a couple of shots of Wayne's beautiful GT40 being unloaded onto a rollback in Houston this morning so that we could get my Spec Racer off the Stewart Transport truck. What a Beautiful Car. I tried to get Bill and Duane to let me swap my car for Wayne's but they didn't think he would go for it! :eek:

Everyone was
over the car and we had to make sure that they hand napkins!

Thanks again to everyone that helped me this morning. It was greatly appreciated!


Terry :D

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Thanks Wayne for letting us have an up close and personal look at your beautiful machine. All the neighbors in my block came out to see what all the comotion was all about and then their eyes almost popped out of their heads. Later everyone wanted to know where my little "blue" car went! I had to explain that the ugly gray one in the garage was mine and yours was only making a "world tour"! LOL LOL :D

When do you expect to get "her" back? :confused


Terry :
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