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I have serviced quite a few T5 transmissions that have had water in them. The main thing is how long the water was in there and the second concern is how deep the water was inside.

In TWO YEARS of sitting wet you should see significant damage to the front and rear cluster shaft bearings and there should be pitted rust marks on the drive teeth of the cluster shaft at every spot that a drive gear on the main shaft was touching it. This would mean there would be pitting on those gears as well.

If the water was deep enough, it would also mean the demise of the tiny needle bearings under first, second and third gear. This would be matched by pitting on the bearing journals on the main shaft.

My prediction is that it would probably work at first, but be noisy and over time the bearings would degrade until you had a big mess and none of the gears nor shafts can be salvaged.

I highly recommend getting it out and having it gone through. Don't let them leave the cluster shaft in and say it is okay. You cannot SEE the front cluster bearing unless that shaft is out. Maybe you will be lucky and the gear pitting will be minimal, but pitted gears will make some noise and whining even if all the bearings have been replaced.

On the other hand, had the water been removed immediately and the transmission fluid changed several times and had been driven enough to warm up and evaporate the remaining droplets between changes it could survive quite well.

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