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I had this on my FFR, then took it off to sell the FFR. Thought I would use it again, but looks like I am not going to. So, it is Vortech V-1, straight cut gears, 7-9 PSI. Everything included in pictures plus 42lb injectors (Summit) and 80mm MAF (PMAS/PRO-M) calibrated for 42's. This ran well on my car. No shaft play in head unit.
As you can see in the pictures I cut the bracket to make it fit. I was using my alternator on driver side as you can kind of see in the video. You can use it like that or you can always buy a new bracket from Summit. $1,900.00. Prefer pick up in Maryland but I can check on shipping if needed.

So as not to post 20 pictures here is a link to the pictures and videos.
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