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Vintage air heater/defrost for $169

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Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that I found a place that sells the Vintage air compact heater/defrost with vents for $169, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than anyone else I could find. Check out Hot Rods USA. The details are below:
VIN# 6150615

Hot Rods USA
PO Box 872373
Vancouver, WA 98687

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50610-VUH is the Vintage Aire number for the heater that FFR supplies. The Hot Rods USA number from my receipt is VIN 150610
"HEAT/DEFROST F/W MT", which is the "Firewall Mount heater, I believe.
Cost $175.50 + $7.18 shipping
(as of 1/29/01, when I bought mine) I phoned the guy at Hot Rods USA to order mine, because their website didn't give the numbers to make it clear what was what.

The "Compact" heater/defroster, Vintage Aire 50615-VUH, which Shawn gives the Hot Rods USA number for, is slightly different, with a smaller fan unit, and can be mounted entirely behind the dash, an advantage, and what I would probably do next time.
Here is a picture of the compact heater from Wade's site:

(A lot of good pics on Wade's site, BTW: http://www.tmctechnologies.com/cobra/Build.htm )

With the FFR heater, there is no way to totally block off the warm engine compartment air being forced through the defroster vents into the cockpit. You DO want the heaters with defroster outlets, though, so you can duct it to the footboxes (or defroster outlets?).

Go to this page to see drawing, with sizes, of both heaters: http://vintageair.com/universal/page25.htm


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