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As of today, February 20, 2019, we have reached our maximum capacity for trailers at the hotel. We now have over 75 attendees that stated in their registration that they are trailering their cars to San Marcos. Last year we parked about 65 at the hotel. Due to their other contracted commitments, the hotel is not in a position to grant us more parking spaces. They give us approximately 35% of their parking lot and we do not take up 35% of the hotel rooms on any one night.

This problem has been a growing concern for the past few years. As in the past, we have almost sold out of our room block except for a few rooms for Saturday evening. We are now in an overflow situation. I have contracted additional rooms at the Holiday Inn Express directly across the Interstate from the Embassy Suites. I will have reservation info posted to the meet website later today. There is ample parking for trailers at the Holiday Inn Express.

I know this next statement will not be popular for some people. Again, we have met our limit on trailer parking at the Embassy Suites this year. Parking will be first-come first-served. No parking spaces will be saved.

If you plan on showing up at the Embassy Suites any time after 6pm on Thursday, April 4th, you will not be allowed to park your trailer at the Embassy Suites. There will be no exceptions to this policy. There will just not be any more room.

Parking outside of our allotted parking area at the Embassy may result in your tow vehicle and trailer being towed. The Embassy Suite has been very generous over the years with the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet and we will not do anything to jeopardize our relationship with them for future events.

As in previous years, once your trailer is parked, there will be little to NO chance of getting your tow vehicle and/or trailer out until either late Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. If you absolutely need to move your tow vehicle or trailer before Saturday afternoon, please, consider staying at the Holiday Inn Express. We park the trailers in as tightly as possible for maximum capacity.

Only attendees staying at the Embassy Suite Hotel will be allowed to park their trailer and tow vehicle at the Embassy Suites. There should be ample space to leave your car in the lot with the other Cobras. If you are staying at another hotel, please park your trailer there.

There will be segregated area for open trailer parking. Open trailers will be instructed where and how to park so as to not impede traffic lanes.

No Motor-homes will be allowed to park at the hotel overnight without written permission from the hotel and if permission is granted, no motor-home will be allowed to park in our designated area.

If you feel that this policy is unfair or that you are unwilling to abide by our parking guidelines, please contact me and I will gladly refund 100% of your registration fees and banquet tickets (if purchased.)

This event has become one of the premier gatherings for Cobra enthusiasts from around the world. Efforts of future events are being made to locate a single facility that can accommodate an event like ours.

I realize that this news is not what many of you wanted hear or see but I have thought long and hard about this and this will policy will be enforced.

Sorry to be a party pooper!

Ken Walker
Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet Director
[email protected]
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