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The donor vapor line is a combination of rubber hose and hard plastic line. You have several options if you're going non-donor or forgot to get it from your donor (like I did):

1. Get the line from a Mustang at the junk yard. It's not easy to get off and it could be junk.

2. Get a rubber hose from an auto parts store. The NAPA by me didn't carry fuel grade hoses - only vacuum hoses. I didn't get one because I was worried about how they'd hold up for gas vapors. Other stores may carry them - I don't know.

3. Get this kit from Breeze.

I got mine from a junk yard because I didn't know Breeze carried it. If I had it to do over again, I'd get it from Breeze.

I just zip-tied mine to the clamped fuel lines. You could probably put it in a clip, though.
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