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SOLD Well fellas, the time has unfortunately come to move on. I kinda feel like I am dropping out of school in my senior year ( I've been working on this so long that it's not far off), but it is what it is. I purchased my kit, FFR2745, in May of 2001. Soon after I broke my leg and before completely healing from that I started my racing career. It was mid to late 2006 before I ever started even disassembling my donor car which, I kinda wish I had kept ( Beautiful 7-Up Green '92 Saleen clone GT). Racing always gets in the way of a personal life, but it did provide me with the skills and tools to build a better car. But it just started getting too much in the way and when our daughter was born last year, I decided that was enough. This year has been tough but I wouldn't trade the salary or excitement for the time I've spent with my little girl. Now with 10 years of successful racing and nothing to show but pics and trophies, I've decided to do something with a little more long term stability and a retirement, so I'm enlisting in the Air National Guard. Not sure when I will leave for training as I still have the hoops to jump through, but the time I will be gone, coupled with plans to build a house when i get back are going to drag out my build even further and I think at this point it is just stubborn of me to try and hang on to. Someone can finish this car very easily and be enjoying it and down the road when things have settled out I will pick up the dream again. So enough blather, here are the details:
Asking $21,500 obo

First off this started as a donor build, but like many has had much replaced. There are still donor components, but everything that remains has been inspected, cleaned and painted or powder coated.

-MKII FFR2745K Powder coated Silver with clear coat.
-Passenger roll bar mounts Tig welded in ( They line up PERFECTLY)
-2 additional seat mounts welded in for Driver seat track
-The majority of all the aluminum panels have been bonded and riveted. Only panels not installed are under door, radiator surround, fender splash panels (elephant ears) and outside of driver footwell. I also have several filler panels I made to seal the cockpit better around the rear wheel wells.
-Trunk cross bar removed to install curved bar for hidden trunk hinges and more storage
-Trunk floor storage compartment with hinged lid. Large enough for a small scissor jack and essential tools.
-Underfloor battery box with hinged access lids. Needs a battery hold down still.
-Fuel pump access panel
-All aluminum panels have 3M rubberized undercoating applied to the bottom side, while the trunk panels were sprayed on both. All mounting points were masked for a proper bond.
-Firewall and footwells have reflective heat insulation on the engine bay side.

-1992 EFI 302 bored .030 over for 306 with 9.5:1 CR
-Edelbrock Performer 5.0 Intake, ported to match TB
-Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads with fresh valve guide seals and Scorpion roller rockers
-Ford Motorsport X-303 cam
-Summit 75MM Throttle Body
-Pro-Flow 75 MM MAF
-Ford Motorsport 30lb injectors
-All smog equipment removed
-Stainless shorty headers 1 5/8" primary unequal length
-MSD coil
-Piggy back computer chip from DirtyDirty Racing tuned to the above specs. Free retunes were included with the cost. This really woke the car up. The first time I drove it after the install it felt like driving the donor when it had the Procharger :)
-Wiring harness dieted by MustangMedic and then adjusted for length by me and the wiring guy from from my race team. I have tried very hard to have clean wiring which is tough on an EFI car. Wiring is done save a few things like the license plate light and such.
-Tremec 5 speed with Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
-Fresh Ford Motorsport King Cobra clutch
-New Clutch Cable
-Billet firewall adjuster and Triple hook quadrant
-8.8 Posi Rear with 3.7:3 gears (painted Hammer-tone gray)

This motor was rebuilt locally by a friend named Lance Andrews. Lance does nothing but build motors, mostly for high dollar mud racers and sprint cars. He is currently the main engine builder for one of my former employers, McClendon Intl, where they build Lola replicas and restore originals that are deep into 6 figures. Lance did this motor twice actually as I changed course and decided to go naturally aspirated, necessitating a cam change. Much of the fuel and intake was purchased prior to this and is why it is a tad overkill, but I figured one day I might add a Kenne Bell. My instruction to Lance on the build was for a reliable, torquey, street friendly motor that would be happy with pump gas and fun to drive. Our HP estimates were mid to upper 300's and it feels about right. I have been chasing a little bit of idle surge (shocker right?) and think it is likely the IAC.

Fuel System:
-255 lph in-tank fuel pump
-6 fittings welded to factory pick up
-Aeromotive fuel filter
-New -6 braided stainless hose front to rear, becoming -8 at fuel rail
-Mallory billet fuel rails and adjustable regulator'
-Fuel pressure gauge mounted on rail
-All fuel fittings, reg, and rail anodized black

Suspenion and Brakes:
-Donor front LCA's (painted hammer-tone grey)
-FFR non-adjustable UCA's with billet adjustable mounts
-Pro-Shock coilovers on all 4 corners (450 front/250 rear)
-4 link rear end with donor trailing arms (hammer-tone grey)
-Fays2 Watts Link installed painted black over red powder coat.
-Quad shocks retained
-Original spring mounts removed
-Steering shaft upgraded with solid u-joints in place of rag joints
-5 lug conversion
-13" cobra front rotors and cobra rears
-CNC dual master cylinders with integral bias bar

-Halibrand Cobra III's
-17x9 front (no lip) and 17x10.5 rear (deep lip)
-Sumitomo 275/45 and 315/35

-Seams filled and smoothed with Rage Gold
-Main shell in primer
-All edges smoothed and evened out
-Holes filled in trunk lid in anticipation of hidden hinges (don't have the hinges)
-Hood has a 97 SS Z28 scoop grafted on. Currently clecoed, it needs to be bonded and blended. This was for clearance and cosmetic reasons. This is my favorite scoop and I think it flows with the lines of this car better than any I have seen, but it also allows the hood to sit down flush now, where before it hit the TPS on the TB. Unfortunately it required enough cutting that it can not be changed back if you don't like it.

-Full Autometer UltraLite electric gauge package
-FFR ignition switch
-All toggles have black flip covers except turn signal and horn on left of steering wheel
-Autometer gauge trim ring used to make custom matching steering shaft trim ring
-One off Delrin steering column cover
-Custom billet panel for led indicator lights
-Billet housed led programmable rev light under dash in center
-Custom billet pedal covers and dead pedal
-Transmission tunnel covered to match dash with billet fresh air vents and seat heater switch
(seat heaters have not been wired or installed in seats but are included)
-Billet fresh air vents for trans tunnel sides
-Custom trim pieces for trans tunnel carpet to vinyl transition
-FFR low back vinyl seats with slider on driver side. Also acquired a set of Corbeaus that I had intended to use instead. They are high enough to provide head protection without distracting from the lines of the car and I feel they make the harnesses safer as well as enable the use of the sub belts. Both sets will be included.
-2 12V accessory ports on the underdash filler panel which is hinged for access
-12V accessory cable at the back of the trans tunnel for the storage bag with integrated stereo I intended to use (Cranker Tank Bag from Kuryakyn). Worked on my V-Twin with a helmet up to about 50mph and would function as a hands free for calls.
-Mini bear claw latches for doors with billet brackets ( these aren't installed yet but are straight forward once body is mounted and doors aligned etc. Factory mounts have been removed.

-Other than the main windshield frame, most of the chrome has been scuffed with scotchbrite for a machined appearance. i have several pieces still in chrome such as extra headlight trim rings
-DS roll bar trim rings from FinishLine
-FinishLine seat belt trim
-FinishLine windwings and visors
-Stainless windshield insert from Whitby's
-Dual FFR roll bars and dual Convincor 1 3/4" roll bars. These are the ones Breeze is now selling but are welded.
-2nd outside mirror
-New Tri-bar headlights from Speedway
-Lights wired with quick disconnects
-Set of Porsche 997 deck lid hinges I intended to use for the hood
-Spare set of 500lb springs
-FFR windshield wipers (motor is mounted and wired)
-Wiper locating tool for drilling body
-body buck

As you can see there isn't a whole lot left or needed. The car runs and drives and I have taken great joy terrorizing the neighbors. It is mostly down to some fit and finish work, with paint being the last big expense. Most of the body work has been done too though. It hurts to get this close and stop, but I think it is the right thing for me and my family right now. I hate being a grown up, but maybe someone else can live their dream. I'm sure I'm forgetting something so ask any questions and I'll get back with you ASAP. I should also mention that I still have the clear title from the donor car if needed. In addition to the above parts mentioned, for the asking price I'll throw in the stuff left from my parts sales and anything else I can throw on your truck ;)

$21,500 obo

The more recent pics are towards the top...
Pictures by Front58 - Photobucket

Feel free to PM, email or call
Thanks for looking
[email protected]

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I watched over the years as you toiled away over the years, and the attention you put in to the build. Sorry to see it go, someone will be getting one heck of a bang for their buck.

Anything I can do to assist, just let me know.


Bill S.

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I watched over the years as you toiled away over the years, and the attention you put in to the build. Sorry to see it go, someone will be getting one heck of a bang for their buck.

Anything I can do to assist, just let me know.


Bill S.
Thanks Bill. I appreciate it. This wasn't an easy decision. I'm trying not to think about the money I'm losing, but I have kinda rationalized it in my head as probably being less than the bail money and legal fees that would have inevitably come if I hadn't been busy with this :)

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I let myself get talked out of selling this last year, but I keep thinking about it. The going rate for early ZR1s has, admittedly, had something to do with it. Selling one dream car for another wouldn't sting so bad. It will be a little while before I am home to do a deal (military training), but hit me up if you are interested. I'll post up shortly with some of the progress pics since I originally posted this.
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