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It is getting close. I haven't seen my coupe since Mark D drove it back to PA in October. He and Brendan have spent the winter months working on it, making it the great car it is meant to be.

Up grades include
1. bump steer, the steering was terrible when it hit any bumps. now no more.
2. brake pad change. went with ebc. now stops predictably.
3. out with the 306 and in with the 331.
4. fitech, needed a new carb so why not spend a little more.
5. cruise control, yea not for everyone but for what I'm doing I need it.
6. exhaust work. I had undercar exhaust installed after I developed hearing loss, and continued ringing in my ears. (yes, I wore hearing protection). With the new motor it was just as loud as before. changed out the mufflers and now it is a beautifully sounding beast.

The new under car exhaust is hidden. compared to the the setup I ran before it is essentially unnoticeable from the back.

enjoy the video.

if that doesn't work try

April 14th is the big day. Cant wait.
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Very Nice! I like that you kept the functional sidepipes. I also like your color choice.


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Do you have any pics of under the car showing the routing of the pipes?
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