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Two wiring hookup & EEC questions

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I have diet harness and using stock EFI setup. And Yes I can see that I should have done a better job labeling some of the donor parts I took off and put on the shelf.

Question 1: On the harnesses that go to the driver's footbox near the computer I have one 8 pin plug which is labeled EEC (it appears to only use 5 or 6 of the possible pins). What does the EEC module look like that this plugs fits into? I have a black plastic module with two connectors on it (one green and one grey) which are similar to this harnesses plug. If this is the EEC, what is supposed to plug into the other connector on it?

Question 2. The harness coming into the cockpit through the trans tunnel that comes from the trans and speedo has a 6? pin connector on it. Where and what does this plug into? The harness is about 4 feet long from where it enters the cockpit. I don't see anything on any of my harnesses or anything else that this fits????


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You could have used masking tape and marked it with ballpoint pen like me. Then the pen smears and you have 100 connectors with a little masking tape flag and a useless smudge.
The EEC is a big aluminum box about 6"x7" and at least an inch thick. The connector is 4" wide, the biggest in the car, I think. It is one of two connectors going into the passenger side footbox.
The trans harness plugs into a brown 8 pin connector, the wiring colors match, that T's off the dash harness right after it enters the cockpit (on the drivers side). Lucky for us, I could read that tag well enough to figure out what to plug it into. The wire colors match, but the one in the dash harness has lots of 2 wire per pin connections.
The black plastic box with the gray and green connectors, I think, is the annoying dinger to let you know you left the lights on etc.
Sounds like we are at about the same point, almost ready to crank it up!!!
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