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As part of our 2013 AutoRama/World of Wheels sponsorship, we will be attending the January 11-13 Cincinnati World of Wheels show.

We have two complimentary show car spaces reserved for Factory Five customers who would like to bring and show their cars. If you would like to bring your car to the Cincinnati World of Wheels show, please contact Sally Bean at [email protected].

Autorama/World of Wheels 2012-2013 Schedule:
Nov 23-35 – Houston, TX
Jan 11-13 – Cincinnati, OH
Jan 25-27 – Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 8-10 – Kansas City, MO
Feb 15-17 – Dallas, TX
Feb 22-24 – Salt Lake City, UT
Mar 1-3 – Chicago, IL
Mar 8-10 – Detroit, MI
Mar 15-17 – Omaha, NE
Mar 22-24 – Boston, MA

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Cincinnati World of Wheels event

I know there's more there's a ton of FFR customers in the Cincinnati area that would love to have an opportunity to have their car in our booth for the show. This is a "first come - first serve" type of show, so email me photo of both the interior and exterior of the car to [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP.

If your car is in the show you'll get two Exhibitor passes for the entire show along with up to 5 One Day admission passes for your friends and family.

Look forward to seeing those photos, guys!!


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I would take you up on it, but I still need need my hood and truck painted and installed, plus a few other things to tidy it up.

Roy from Springboro.
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