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SOLD Turbo system hotside for SBF 302 by Wayne Presley-Very Cool Parts


Never used. Hotside only.

This is for a roadster. My car is a MKIII, may work on others as well but I am not 100% sure.

For standard deck 302 based motor.

I ordered this kit but decided to go a different route.

Turbo is located at front corner of motor on passenger's side.

Parts include:

Headers (1 5/8 primaries, 2.5" collectors)
Header gaskets
2.5" crossover
3" Downpipe out to sidepipes (3" on right, 2.5" on left)
2 bungs in downpipe
exit for wastegate plus option to route wastegate exhaust back into system

Headers are stainless, rest of piping is mild steel from what I can tell.

I paid approx $3000 for these pieces alone.

$250 shipping not included

also for sale:

New intercooler, 3" inlet and outlet, tube and fin, good for 750 hp per Wayne Presley.
$80 shipped

Feel free to ask any questions.

818 378-7602
[email protected]


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Here is an idea of what other parts you will need to complete the kit (based off of parts in kit I received):

Magnum T-70 turbo $550
Tial 38mm Wastegate $260-300
TurboXS Bypass valve $189
Coldside piping kit including couplers and clamps $150-300
Intercooler $80

The cost of the complete kit was $4600. I am selling this unused hotside at a substantial discount.

Other considerations:

location of your accessories
injector size
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