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Trti-State radiator group buy

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Any interest in a group buy on the new aluminum radiator at Tri-State Motor Sports? This looks like a good deal.
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Sounds great. I'll call Mike Mack today and see what I can work out. I'll post his reply as soon as I get one.
Just talked to Mike on the radiators. Basically he said for 10 the price is $220.00 and 15 is $215.00. I would have to pick up all the rdiators in one shot (I'm 60 minutes away) and mail all of them out to you individually. I'm not sure with freight I can save you guys any money. You're thoughts?
Does Mike's current special price of $239 include shipping? If so, the group price of $220 is about a wash when you add shipping. If we get 15 and get it down another $5, its looking better. If Mike charges for shipping, we'll be saving $19 if we get 10 orders.
Seems like it may not be worth the effort. Do these come packaged? and you would just need to run them to the post office? or would you need packaging?

for $20 I think I'd rather order one ( but I'll wait another day or two and see what everyone is doing. .02
Mike's price DOES NOT include S&H at $239.00. Also, I would think the factory box may or may not strong enough to handle the riggers of shipping.
I have one, it is a very nice piece. The only things I would improve, Mike already did - adding the drain and bleed petcocks. And rolling a bead into the inlet/outlet tubes would be nice.

The box is sturdy enough for shipping, unless someone really mistreats it, like running a forklift through the center (but then, any box would be toast in that case!). Don't ask me why I know this.
Barry- It sounds like your radiator came with a drain hole in the middle.

Looks like I will just order mine from Mike.

21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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