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tristate heater and glove box

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Has anyone done this? I am using donor guages (no pod) and I think I can fit the heater behind them in the center of the dash up against the drivers side of the dash hoop support. It will stick out quite a bit into the engine compartment, but it looks like nothing will contact it. This should leave tons of room on the passenger side behind the dash for a glovebox. Sound like a good or bad plan?
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Funny you should ask. There is a group purchase going on through someone whose screen name is Spidermonkey on www.cobraforum.com. There should be an email address there. He has new takeoffs from Saleen. They take these brakes off to put theirs on the Mustangs. Comes with everything but pads I believe. I am not sure if I am allowed to post someone's email address here so go to cobra forum and ask him about it. There is a post there titled "SN95 spindles" with a few details on the purchase. His email address should be there.
I found mine on www.corral.net in the classifieds from a private party. Found my spindles on ebay for $150. Check www.svo73mm.cjb.net for info in the install. Email me if you have other questions. I want to find out if this heater will work! :D
Awesome! Looks like I will have both the tristate heater and glove box that seems impossible have by many. Thanks!
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