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tristate heater and glove box

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Has anyone done this? I am using donor guages (no pod) and I think I can fit the heater behind them in the center of the dash up against the drivers side of the dash hoop support. It will stick out quite a bit into the engine compartment, but it looks like nothing will contact it. This should leave tons of room on the passenger side behind the dash for a glovebox. Sound like a good or bad plan?
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I got my heater from Whitby Motorcars so I'm not positive they're the same but mine looks like the same unit that Tri-States sells. My heater is mounted right in the middle of the dash just like you're suggesting. It sticks into the engine compartment a good bit but it fits. The only problem I have is that there's so little room between the heater and intake that I can't even get to stuff behind the engine (like PCV valve) without taking the intake off. Some of that is my fault though. I was so paranoid about having enough room for gages and wiring that I probably stuck it too far into the engine compartment. Anyway, putting the heater in the middle of the car does free up the passenger side for a glove box.
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