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Mike Forte, (owner and founder of Forte's Parts Connection) reviews the different options available for shifter positions, and accessories for the Tremec TKO 500 and TKO 600.

Fortes Parts Connection
40 Pearl st, Framingham, MA
Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FortesParts
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Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/fortesparts
If we have sold you a part or built you an engine let us know how we did, drop a comment or send us a message! We love to hear from you!

Mike Forte: Forte's Parts Connection / Framingham, Mass. 01702 / 508 875 0016 / [email protected] / Home Page / Facebook Instagram: @fortespartconnection Est: 1981 dealing performance parts to build your dream car. A REAL SPEED SHOP with parts, price & knowledge. Developer of the early Ford & FE Tremec and Mustang firewall adjustable quadrant kits, external slave clutch release conversions & cable release conversions. Tremec Elite, FORD RACING & QUICKTIME DISTRIBUTOR!
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