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Trailer brake help needed

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I purchased a new 23' enclosed trailer earlier this year.
Had a brake booster installed in tow vehicle.

Since I have been moving (house-hold stuff) I have noticed that my trailer brakes are not working.
I have the 7 pin "hidden hitch" on the rear of tow vehicle but no clue as to the pin-out.
Anyone have the "generic" pinout for this connector. I am going to assume it's wired the same for all trailers to make it accept any tow combination.

First things first, I noted that the 12 volt battery on the trailer had gone dead. I put it on the charger for an hour before a road trip.
Brakes still did not work.
I have the supply voltage to the brake controller and the ground is good.
Brake controller LED does not come on.
The input from the brake pedal checked out OK, and there is +5.23 volts out from the controller (blue wire) when the brakes are applied.

Anyone have any ideas as to what may be wrong?

I am going to assume that the output voltage on the blue wire may vary depending on the brake controller soft/hard brake setup??? Is this voltage pulsed depending on hard/soft brake setup?

Need help. I am not going to attemp towing my Cobra until this is sorted out.

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Thanks guys.
I made an appointment with the company I purchased the trailer and brake controller from.
They will check it out for me.

With the lamp on the controller not illuminating leads me to believe it could be the controller.

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