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Mmmmmm tools.

I've got some decent ones.. good sockets, torx fittings, small and large torque wrenches, dial indicator, calipers. Misc weird stuff too.

I'm wondering what sort of tools might be required for rebuilding (re-assembling) a 302?

Can somebody make a list for me of the stuff that I might need? I don't have shim gauges... and I'm not going to purchase a press. I'll have the machine shop do some of the short block assy.

OK.. what stuff do I need? I suspect that I may be renting some of it from Checkers.

Thanks in advance.


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If you're going to have a shop assemble the short block, then you won't need quite a few tools that you would need if you were putting together yourself.

But assuming you're building the engine yourself and have the basic tools, you'd also ideally need:

torque wrench (no doubt...must have)

A ring filer (unless you buy pre-gapped rings)

A piston ring compressor tool

Feeler gauge set

If you're really going to check the machine shops work, then you'll need...

A dial bore gauge

A micrometer set

Plastigauge would replace the above two tools, BUT its not nearly as accurate, so it's your call.

Also some guys will measure bearing thickness using a ball mic, but you can use the dial bore gauge with the bearings in place to get your bearing/oil clearances.

When torquing down main and rod bolts some will use a bolt-stretch gauge, but most use new hardware and a torque wrench.

Make sure you have all of the torque specs and other data you need before building.

Make sure you have assembly lube for bearings and hardware as well as thread sealer for certain head bolts and flywheel bolts.

Although, its not required, degreeing the cam is the only way to know a new cam is installed as the manufacturer intended. To do this, you'd need a degree wheel set and related tools (dial gauge + mount , piston stop). The process is a tad time consuming, but the math involved is VERY elementary.

If you have any question during assembly, just shoot me an email, I check it a least twice a day.

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