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Tool list for typical build?

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I am in the process of collecting everything I need to build my FFR Roadster, but I was wondering if there was a list of the tools needed? I am going the non-donor route with a crate engine and as many new parts as I can find so I am mainly wondering what tools are needed for assembly? I know I will need a good air compressor, rivit gun, drill w/ many 1/8th inch bits, torque wrench, sockets, wrenches... what am I missing? Thanks!
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In addition to what's already been said..if you have a good selection of hand tools, you are probably set. BUT....

This is the ONLY vehicle I've ever owned/worked on (of 40+) that required an 18mm socket. And an 18mm wrench (or adjustable open end).

Most people don't have a good selection of large sockets and wrenches. You'll need both in 11/16ths and 13/16ths.

Don't forget the deep 35 or 36mm socket as well for front (SN95) and rear (IRS) hub nuts.

A good pair of aviation (tin) snips, and a duckbill vice grip for 'adjusting' the aluminum panels. A cheap ($20!) Harbor Freight 18" brake is handy.

A large workbench that you can sit at. A 36"x18" or 48"x20" rolling service cart is very handy to have. 15 or 20 large parts bins (wall or bench mounted) for storing your hardware and miscellaneous small fittings.

A brake line flaring tool, tubing cutter, and both 3/16" (brake line) and 3/8" (fuel line) tubing benders.

I found a large air compressor very useful, along with a straight and 90 degree die grinder and carbide bits (though a Dremel would do), a 3" cutoff tool, an air drill (much better than the portable electric - no waiting for recharging or extra batteries), and the air riveter is really handy.

A low floor jack and 4 good adjustable jack stands.

Also depends on what your goals are. I wanted everything new or looking like it. I have a solvent tank and large blast cabinet that were really helpful for cleaning up and refinishing parts (I hate wire wheels, and they hate me too!). If you want to make any frame changes from stock, or plan to paint or powdercoat the chassis locally, a 120V welder, metal band saw, and disc/belt sander are nice to have - there are a bunch of nice mods you can do.
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Also one of those little mechanic stools on rollers.
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