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SOLD ~ SOLD ~SOLD $1500 USED ~ TKO 500 w/mid shift,drive-shaft, sbf steel bell-housing, clutch, pressure plate, shift fork.
I don't need this anymore because I sold my 408 550 hp/550tq race motor and put in a stock 302 5 spd in my FFR Cobra to sell, nothing wrong with them except they're not new.
I,m in Las Vegas NV. 89148 please find out your own shipping rates i will take everything to your shipper of choice in Las Vegas. i still have the box that the TKO 5 spd came in.

I don't hang out on the forum much and so i would not see PMs or requested info asked on the post ~ so please text me @

702 423-3472 I will always respond to Texted messages. and update the post.

Thanks for looking
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