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How many miles do you expect to get from these tires? I know Larry has 5K, but I'm just wondering how one should expect for these to hold up. 10,000? 25,000?

$355 down to $310 is only 12.5% off of new. This would be approximately the correct down-rating if you expect to get 25,000 miles on these tires. Is that the expected life-span?
Also, I assume $355 was just for the tires and no mount/balance charge?

(I'm interested, I'm just trying to sort out if the price is right)

One last thing, do you have a straight on side picture of your car with these tires on? I'd like to get a feel for the rake with slightly smaller tires in front (26.1 dia vs. 26.7).

Thanks, Bret

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