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I just finished my winter upgrades of heads, intake, TB, MAF, injectors, roller rockers, fuel pump, etc. I was excited to get it on the road and feel all the extra power. Nevertheless, it actually felt like I had LOST power; I couldn't even break 'em loose in 2nd gear like I used to do with ease on the stock motor.

So, I scratched my head a bit, then like usual, called North Racecars for some advice. And as usual, without any hesitation whatsoever, Richard told me to check my timing.

Sure enough, I had the base timing set to something like 8 or 9 degrees. I had mistakenly moved my white chalk line the wrong way when setting it. I thought I was at 12-14, but had actually gone the other way down to 8 or 9, as my damper had a white line at 10.

At any rate, WOW, what a difference! The car now pulls in 4th gear at 45mph like it used to in 3rd at roughly the same speed! It's like a completely different car!

Anyway, for anyone tweaking their car, make sure your timing is set properly, as it can make a HUGE difference. The adjustment between 8 and 14 degrees is a very small twist of the distributor; I seriously overestimated how much movement would be needed to the dizzy to bump the timing.

Thanks, Richard!

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