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Time to buy heads and cam, need advice

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Ok, the time has come for heads and a cam for FFR2401. Equipment will be going on to my donor 302 short block running, currently running Performer RPM intake and a 600cfm carb, 1.7 ratio lifters on to a stock long block.
I have no problem with buying new rockers or a carb of needed... Just looking for a what worked for me....
one option I would like to stay away from is fly cutting the pistons....

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Jeff...you need heads with a 1.90 inch intake valve UNLESS you plan on notching the piston. I called AFR about the 185 heads with the 2.02 valves, they said it was a 80% chance they'd fit OK...but I wasn't about to take a chance. The 165's bolt on...or if you REALLY want some breathing...contact ATI for some AFR 165 heads. The're pricey..$1800 new...but flow fantastic. dino
Jeff...be patient!! Let everybody give the're $.02 worth before making a decission on the heads. I would suggest a bigger cam...but how will you use the car?? If you like to cruise...the stock cam may be enough with the 1.72 rockers. If you're gonna be racing...maybe, at the maximum a comp cam 282HR....or something less with a more street friendly setup. Ask Gordan, hear he has a special grind from Crane. dino
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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