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Time to buy heads and cam, need advice

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Ok, the time has come for heads and a cam for FFR2401. Equipment will be going on to my donor 302 short block running, currently running Performer RPM intake and a 600cfm carb, 1.7 ratio lifters on to a stock long block.
I have no problem with buying new rockers or a carb of needed... Just looking for a what worked for me....
one option I would like to stay away from is fly cutting the pistons....

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Just my nickel, but put all the advice together to come up with a solution. The performer RPM heads don't work with the stock pistons. My suggestion would be to go with Twisted wedge heads which utilize the 2.02 intake without touching the pistons and go with an E or F cam with 1.6 Roller rockers. You will drastically increase the power range with a different cam. The stock cam with 1.72 increase your HP by about 10-15 HP but an E or F cam would give you closer to 25-40 HP over stock.

You can pick up a used cam for about $100 and the Twisted heads go for around $1000. The Roller rockers are around $150 used and you can offset the cost by selling your 1.72 and cyl. heads. Actually, you might find someone willing to trade 1.72 for 1.6. Good luck. You might want to upgrade to a 650 carb depending on which 600 you have. Tim
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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