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Hi Ken, My MK 3 roadster was painted 15 years ago, I did some of the initial fitting work and paid a painter to finish, some things I did arent up to snuff and some things he did are showing. I'm puting on hidden hinges for the trunk as well as hidden body mounts. There's a spot where acetone spilled and bubbled the paint (the person who did this shall remain nameless). The gaps at the doors, hood and trunk are also too big for my eye, the painter also used black pinstripe tape under the clear which I want gone, aaaand there's lots of paint chips on the lower body from autocrossing too.
My question is if I add filler -to repair holes, and door/hood/trunk gaps what level of prep is needed? sand to fiberglass?,primer or what? also on the areas that the paint is not being repaired what grit do I sand it with ? or do I prime the whole thing with epoxy then do my repairs and featherfill?
I'm comfortable doing bodywork, I did the complete job on my Coupe and it came out well, but that was starting with gelcoat.
I know , lots of questions:rolleyes: Thanks!
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