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As usual, I had a great time this year in Ohio. This year was much different for me because my family came along. It was great meeting so many people from the forum and seeing so many great looking cars.

The Ohio Cobra Club did a great job of running the show. There was so much to do that no one could ever say they were bored. And getting Bob Bondurant as a guest speaker was an awesome bonus.

We arrived on Wednesday evening and saw a few guys returning from Mid-Ohio. I tried to avoid any discussions about the track days because I knew it would only make me sick that I didn't get to go to Mid-Ohio this year. After hearing that only 21 people showed up for Mid-Ohio I wish I had been there. We need to get more people on the track next year so we don't lose that venue.

On Thursday we took the kids to the Columbus Zoo. You know, Jack Hanna's home away from home. This was Will and Megan's first zoo visit and they had a blast. The Columbus Zoo is rated as the best zoo in the country and now I know why. It was truly an exceptional experience.

Thursday evening we walked around the hotels meeting new friends and seeing old one's. It was a lot of fun introducing my family to my other family. I loved seeing Henry's FFR 33 Hot Rod. That thing is cool!

Friday we got up late and took off to the Air Force Museum near Dayton. It was cool seeing how far plane designs and technology went in just a few years. I looked at the 1907 Wright Bros plane and then saw a 1915 bi-plane that could go 80+ MPH and had guns! Then to see the leap of technology over the next 50 years was amazing.

The kids loved the airplanes and I think we could have spent 3 days looking around the museum. But we had to get back for the Quaker Steak & Lube get together, so we spent just a few hours at the museum.

On the way back to Columbus we picked up my mom from the hotel and she joined us at QS&L. On the way there Wayne called and asked what I was doing. I told him I was heading to QS&L and asked him what he was doing (thinking he was stuck in Enterprise, AL). He said he was his way to QS&L. What? Wayne was in Ohio? That was a nice surprise.

When we arrived at QS&L my sister and brother-in-law were waiting for us. They came from North Carolina to try and win the Coupe and see us. My sister kept telling people to not get too excited about the car because it was going to he hers.

There was a smaller crowd at QS&L this year. I really miss the days when we all headed to QS&L at 6 PM, had dinner there and hung out until after dark. This was a great event, now it's just a small venue. I hope someone from the OCC will try to do like we did in the past and have everyone hang out there on Friday night instead of the tent.

Saturday morning we didn't participate in the parade. I guess the Escalade was just too big? We headed for London at about 9 and got a great parking spot near the vendors. We had fun walking around talking to the vendors and seeing the guys from FFR. I saw Jim but didn't get to see his dad this year. Hope he's doing well.

The Factory Five 33 Hot Rod was a big hit. Everyone loved seeing Henry's car with an old style theme and the Hot Rod Magazine car. Both cars are very cool and I can't wait to get mine! (Are you listening FFR? WAYNE NEEDS PARTS!)

There were a lot of very nice cars in London and I know Wayne took a bunch of pictures, so be sure to check out Wayne's posts about London.

We didn't stay long because we had to get to Forest, OH for a family reunion. My father passed away last August and this was the first time his family has gotten together since then. It was great seeing everyone and the kids loved playing on the farm.

We visited my fathers grave in Patterson, then headed back to Columbus for the evening dinner/auction.

Saturday evening was the best part of the event. Before Bob Bondurant spoke the Ohio Cobra Club guys thanked everyone who helped put on the show and thanked those who donated time and materials to build the raffle coupe. Then, to my surprise, they gave me a plaque.

I was totally shocked to be called up to the stage to get a plaque from the OCC for my past support of the event. I've donated scooters to the event since 2003 so they could auction them off and never expected anything in return. I do it because I love the event and what it stands for.

After my unprepared and somewhat awkward speech, Bob Bondurant took over the stage.

Bob's account of his early racing days was very cool. The guy is a true legend and I'm so grateful that he joined our little group for a weekend.

Please join me in thanking the Ohio Cobra Club for another great show. It was another "once in a lifetime experience" that I'll remember forever.

- Bill

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Bill it was great to see you and your family there. You are right the event was great. this was the first time I was able to enjoy the whole event from the spectators side. i had a blast hanging with the Hampton crowd ( You know who you are). starting with the Mid ohio event
then helping friends work on their FFR HR on thurs. Then on to the show schedual for Fri, and Sat. i finished up with Sunday back in Cleveland prepping a challange car for a upcoming race .
well thats all for now
Mark Dougherty

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It was all good.

Bill - congrats on the award. I think my daughter had a good time playing with your son and his train set at the tent. We've made it a family event every year. Sometimes it works out, sometimes the cobra has to sit at the hotel while family stuff takes precedence.

Raffle car - those guys really pulled off a lot given all the roadblocks that came up in front of them. You know, for that crew to take a weeks vacation to work on that car to make it happen says a lot about those guys. Not too mention all who provided parts, time, and money to make it come together. Quickly met the guy who won the coupe on Sunday. Good guy and I think 'shock' best describes it. I missed or they didn't annouce the plan for next years raffle.

The show was smaller this year, more so then I thought. I remember being surprised by the lack of cars in the hotel parking lot and at the QS&L (compared to the last couple of years, right. As if anything less then 300 cobras can be considered small!).

Bob Bondurant - fantastic. Last years guest speaker was a hoot. Bob as a guest speaker was just a real treat though. I spent more this year at the auctions then ever before; got a lot of signed stuff.

I missed the Friday cruises - really wanted to hit the AFB this year too. I guess it'll wait til next.

The cruise from the Speedway to London followed the same route as last year (which is different from previous). Compared to last year - the cruise into town seemed much, much improved. I never really dropped below 40 mph and it was smooth all the way to the parking spot. I think many were surprised that we left before 9 a.m. for London though...

Breakfast at the lodge in London - whoops, they ran out of some food a little early. Still can't beat the price. I say we start a fund raiser to get those guys a couple window air conditioners... ;>)

Good times, great people, outstanding memories.

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Another great year at LCS, another year of renewing old friendships. I wont miss this show for the world! Bill, it was great to meet your family. Jackie, Will and Megan looked like they were having a great time, especially when you gave Megan the dollar bill. You better watch your cash around her, man, she's learning early! Your award was well deserved, Bill. You do a tremendous amount for this community.

Mark, it was alot of fun hanging out with you, both at the track and in Columbus. You need to have a car at Mid-Ohio next year! I'll make sure that Daphne's coupe does alot better next year than it was this year. Sorry for missing the setup on it Daphne. :(

On another note, all the donated silent auction stuff sold for between $1100-$1200 by my calculations at the end of the auction. Thanks again guys!!!!!! I also need to thank my wife for allowing me to have 18 boxes of stuff piled up in my livingroom. I think we need to try to better it next year if possible. One observation of mine was that the "bling" stuff and/or the memerobilia things brought a better dollar amount than the actual parts. Maybe we should try to get more of the "stuff" than the parts. Again, just an observation.

See you guys again in around 51 weeks, Scott & Daphne

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Bill it was nice to see you in person, sorry I didn't get to say hi.

My thoughts on the LCS, it was my first one. We just moved to Columbus in April, and the whole OCC group opened up their arms to our family and let me get involved with the Coupe build. I was the guy who came up on stage at the beginning of the presentation with my 6 year old son. It was a lot of fun helping complete the Coupe, wish we could have been more involved, but we bought a house and moved again in town at the end of last month (it's been busy).

I was impressed by how well run everything was. Everyone I spoke to was nice, the cars were a blast to see, and there were no shortages of things to do. Next year I plan to have my car done, and bring it. I also plan help my OCC brothers with the show.

Anyway, next year should be just as fun if not better! See you all in 51 weeks!

Scott M.
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Sorry that I didn't get to meet you, Bill. Saw you in the tent but didn't make it over there.
Was that your blond-headed little girl playing outside the tent? Boy, she was having a ball! Super-cute little girl. She's going to be stunner. Better get your shotgun now to keep the boys away.
Promise that next year I'll get over to shake your hand a thank you for all the good work that you do for us. In the mean time I may run into you at Road Atlanta.
Appreciate You,

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This was #7 for me and my buddy Aaron (missed '07).

Once again the OCC threw a tremendous 3 day party; I won't even attempt to name names cause sure as I try I'll leave someone out so instead...THANK YOU ALL---stellar job as always!

Bill, great to see you again, the kids are adorable and Jackie is a charming lady! Your recognition was indeed well deserved; the support over the years has been instrumental to the event's success...THANK YOU.

Bob was a treat! I got to spend a little time with him one-on-one Saturday after he led us into London. A true gentleman and it was obvious that he was having a genuine good time!

I realized when I first attended in 2002 that it is about the people; the cars are just the common thread that brings us together. As far as I can tell we could leave them at home and still have a fantastic time renewing old friendships and making new! I leave with one regret every year; it just goes by so quickly that it seems there are always people I wish I had been able to spend more time with.

Only 51 weeks till we can do it all again!


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It was great fun for me too. Bob B's stories were tops. What a guy.

Bill is quite generous, and when he was thanked, he passed some of it right to us members,,,wife too understandably.

Wayne had a couple good motorcycle stories too!

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As a new member of OCC and a first time worker of the event it was neat to see it unfold and now to hear (read) your compliments.... Just a good feeling al the way around, and the new friends I made, priceless. Thanks to you all for allowing us to be your hosts.
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