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I have what just might be the ultimate donor car. A 2010 FFR mark 4roadster with all new build parts. Heres what I know about it. Please note that most of the parts that are not included in the FFR base kit are in great shape.

2010 FFR Mark 4 complete kit.
less than 1000 miles
Engine is a 1968 Boss block 302 with a dynoed 450 horse with a carb. This info was found on the previous owners web site.
TKO trans with new clutch bellhousing and flywheel.
FFR supplied brand new 8.8 rear with three link and koni shocks. 3:31? gears.
Rear disc brakes
FFR halibrand rep wheels. 2 fronts show discoloration but is cosmetic. Any wheel place could recoat.
Brand new fuel system with all stainless fuel lines
FFR supplied Speedhut gauges. Speedo looks like it saw some heat but the rest look ok. have not revomed the dash to verify.
Russ Thompson turn signal
FFR supplied fron lower control arms.
Dual chrome roll bars.
FFR floor mats

Here is what I think you will need that is not included in the base kit.
Possible gauges
Pedal box
radiator. this radiator looks like it survived but I have not looked real close.
Front braided brake lines.
Complete engine external parts. Induction, distributor fuel etc.

Looking for $10,000.00 as it sits. If I dont get any takers at that price, I will start parting it out.
Thanks Mike

Not sure why the pictures came out blue. car is black.

If anyone would like the previous owner/builders web page I have it. Didnt want to put a link on here without his permission. Of course you could just google or search the kit number like I did. FFR # 7376

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I'm not sure but i will take a crack a it. I think the fire stated in the engine compartment!!

If you decide to part out i am interested on the wheels........
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